If You Love Jewelry, Consider Selling it


Is jewelry your passion? Maybe your keen eye and discerning taste has earned you a reputation among your friends. It can be rewarding to mix and match your own pieces, even if it’s just for everyday wear. However, for those trying to find a reward that translates into a fat bank account, it’s time for you to put those talents to work. It is easy to sell jewelry for both fun and profit; all it requires is a little bit of sleuthing and a lot of collecting.

Determining What to Sell

Like wine, fine jewelry gets better over time. However, it takes some skill and more than a little know-how to find these neglected treasures. There are a few dos and don’ts to be aware of when you begin selecting pieces with the purpose of reselling.

To start with, look for quality. Pieces that are made of gold and silver retain their value well because they are ageless. Whether loose or in engagement rings, diamonds can get a nice profit. Beyond the jewels and metals, also think about the craftsmanship. You need to learn how to assess how a piece was constructed as fine jewelry is almost always well-crafted.

Do your research. It is vital that you learn how to identify a precious jewel among a sea of fakes. Request a certificate of authenticity or an appraisal when in doubt. Although it’s wise to reserve appraisal fees for those really special finds, don’t rule out the usefulness of having a specialist look at a piece.

Don’t limit the search to rings and necklaces, either. High-quality, secondhand watches are almost always in demand. When you do spy a steal in a display case, the research that you’ve done into popular brands and their price tags will pay dividends.

Starting the Hunt

The obvious place to start is your own jewelry box. You have probably accumulated quite a collection after all. There are most likely some forgotten treasures hidden in drawers just waiting for a new home; over time your tastes may have changed and it’s easy to pick up a piece or two that failed to become favorites.

Expand the hunt once you’ve sorted through your own collection. Great hunting can be done at estate sales. Make sure you look at the auction descriptions carefully and look online for upcoming sales. Because most people will not be there looking to score jewelry, sales which include several high-ticket items including vehicles or farm equipment can be great choices. There are also thrift stores in affluent areas which should be considered. Occasionally, there are good finds: a unique, vintage brooch or a beautiful pendant can result in a high resell value.


Once you’ve amassed an inventory, it’s time to look for a buyer. Do a quick internet search or scan the yellow pages to find prospective buyers. Jewelry stores are one good option. In addition to lines of new wedding rings, many stores also keep an inventory of high-quality used pieces. Pawn shops also commonly buy watches, engagement and wedding rings, and gold. Consignment shops are a fantastic choice for costume jewelry and more fashionable pieces. For specialty items which are hard to place with a store, try taking out an ad. To capture the buyer’s attention, be sure to include a picture.

Become a Jewelry Salesperson

Turn a passion for all things shiny into a profit-making venture. Anybody with a good eye can sell jewelry; it just takes a little bit of luck and a lot of searching. You may find perfect vintage locket that you simply can’t live without; the possibilities are endless.

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