Top Reasons To Consider Selling Your Jewelry


Financial gain alone isn’t always the main reason why people decide to sell their precious and expensive jewelry which may be contrary to popular belief. In many instances, jewelry is associated with significant relationships and quite often conjures up feelings and memories that might not always be pleasant. In those cases, it is not too uncommon for someone to ponder the question “Should I sell my jewelry?” If the memory attached to that particular item is just too painful to want to keep it, then it might be a good idea to let it go.

Another reason people would want to sell their jewelry is because their tastes have changed or evolved to exclude that particular style. Perhaps you have gained a greater appreciation for platinum or silver and the jewelry you have is gold. Or perhaps you have gravitated towards a far more sophisticated look or more ethnic motif designs, but you have a collection of cute charm bracelets that suited your taste back in college. It may be time for a makeover in that department if your taste in jewelry is not currently reflected in what you own.

There are actually various other times that people ask themselves “Shall I sell my jewelry?” One good reason is that it is not being worn anymore. It could be that you like to follow several fashion trends, or perhaps you do not follow any trends at all. A person may not even think about putting on earrings or bracelets before leaving the house depending on how busy their lifestyle is. If you have not worn something in a long time, the chances that you will start wearing it once more are slim to none. That is why it is a great idea to sell items that somebody else would want and get good use out of.

Additionally, people may trade their jewelry for either goods or services. Perhaps there is an independent dealer who will take jewelry as a form of payment and they have a piece of art you wish to have. Bartering could possibly be an option if your jewelry is valuable enough and is worth the price of an item you wish to purchase. If you have no emotional ties to the piece of jewelry and it is just sitting in your jewelry box collecting dust, this can be particularly beneficial. This resourceful course of action keeps your money in the bank while still providing you the freedom to get the items you want.

Furthermore, if you have jewelry that’s broken or does not function properly anymore, there are businesses that will buy it from you to either repair to resell, or to melt down and make something new. When you compare the cost to repair that bracelet or necklace versus the cost of purchasing those items brand new, this option makes a lot of sense. If you are plagued by the question, “Should I sell my jewelry?” these are all good answers.

Lastly, if you’re gifting a piece of jewelry to someone who could actually benefit from having it, this is another great reason to let it go. Perhaps it is a family heirloom that you are passing down to a younger generation. Maybe you have a graduate or somebody is getting married. This results in new and pleasant memories when you see it again as well as makes you feel good because you are giving something valuable to a loved one.

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